Plotting EnergyPlus results

Hi everybody!

Before asking a new question i would like to thank you all for all the support you are giving through this page! Thanks a lot!!

I would like to ask you if there is a way to plot EnergyPlus results (like Zone Operative Temperature, Zone Windows Total Transmitted Solar Radiation Rate…) in Rhino… I mean , i would like to see those results as i can see the Daylight Factor after a daylight simulation.

Because i remember to have seen a video, showing something similar… is it possible?

Thanks in advance



You probably want to connect the results to the LB_reColorMesh.

From there you can bake using this component options.


Thanks a lot Abraham, i think that that component is what i was looking for.

But i have another question: how do i create a mesh that fits perfectly with the 8760 values from the EnergyPlus simulation?

Just to be clear, I would like to have something like that:



Then you should look at this.


Thanks a lot Abraham!! That is what i was looking for!

I have tried to use that workflow but i got the error in the image attached, do you know why?? What can it be?

Thanks a lot


First thing i would do is to update the file. There are new versions for the components. If it still have issues upload the file, so we can see.


Hi Abraham,

I still have that issue! :frowning:

Could you please have a look to my Gh file??

What is wrong?

Thanks in advance

Claudia (841 KB)

Don’t get what to check since the geometry is missing on the file.

Anyway, i see that the following components are not updated: HB_PMVComfRecipe, HB_MicroclimateMap and HB_VisualizeMicroclimate.

Probably you’ll need to reinsert them (at least the first one).


I am sorry, I thought I have internalized the geometry.

Here Is the geometry attached.

Btw I have updated the file and components through the HoneyBee_Update HoneyBee and LadyBug_Update LadyBug components, is it right? They are now updated to the FEB_03_2016 is it right??

plot.3dm (128 KB)

Attached a working file.

I recommend you to think twice running the PMVComfRecipe for the whole year. It will take a LONG time to do, if at all. I put some components so you can choose to analyze typical/extreme weeks.

-A. (853 KB)