PMV Comfort Calculator

Hi everyone
I’m trying to maximize percent Of Time Comfortable, I used heating/cooling set point and setback points and also parameters related to natural ventilation as variables, and sum of percentOfTimeComfortable in PMV comfort component as objective,
after some generation, optimization reached to a really good value for comfort, but when i checked my variables there were so weird!
minIndoorTempForNatVent: 66.3
coolingSetPt: 56
heatingSetPt: 27
is some thing wrong with ladybug PMV Calculator?! or there is some thing that i miss?

@ilkin It is an easy question. You should convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celcius.

Thanks a lot for responding,
all my numbers are in Celsius. I think maybe PMV Calculator have some issue.

Your heating setback temperature should be always lower than heating setpoint. and cooling setback should be higher than cooling setpint.

yes that is problem. I used Galapagos to maximize comfort percent, and I used those parameters as variables, now I have very good numbers in comfort percent but my variables make no sense. I mean if I get high percent of comfort hours those parameters must be reasonable.