Point in time daylight strange values for January 1st 00:00

Attached is a simple room file with a corresponding point-in-time analysis.

For some reason the values for Jan 1st at 00:00 (month 1, day 1, hour 0) are non-zero, meaning that there is daylight at that point.

A bit strange and would be great to know if this is a bug or error on my part…?


Daylight_Test_HBplus.3dm (63.4 KB)
PointInTime_Test_HBplus.gh (502.0 KB)

I guess I know what is happening which is a bug. I know you have imported 0 for hour but the component is still setting the hour to the default value of 12. This was a bug in the way we would check for None value which I thought is fixed. Can you check the output from the sky component and see if the value for hour has changed to 0?

Thanks for the reply.
I checked the Sky component and it’s showing 12.
How can I best workaround this?

If you want to model and hour with no daylight then set it to hour 1.

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