Possible problem with the new version of LB/HB

Hi all,

I installed the new version of HB/LB a couple of days ago and I am experiencing the following problem: every time I open Grasshopper the memory use grows progressively (even if I do not open any file) and it ends up blocking my computer after a few minutes. I am not sure this is caused by LB/HB but since I just installed it seems the most likely reason. Has anyone have this problem before? Could I have done something wrong during the installation? The problems persists even after having uninstalled LB/HB.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Alejandro,

I never had this issue but since uninstalling them doesn’t solve the problem I doubt if it has to do with Ladybug and Honeybee. I think Grasshope once had a similar issue and David helped him to solve the problem. I assume this is something that David should be interested to check and fix.

Keep us posted on the results.