Problem about the timestep setting of Honeybee simulation

Hi all,

I am using Honeybee to perform the e+ simulation. I originally performed the simulations on annual basis but now I need to extract the hourly electricity demand and hence I need to rerun the simulations on hourly basis. I found that the simulation time increases a lot and the result file size becomes enormous, especially the .eso and .sql file. May I ask

  1. I thought that simulations, no matter which timestep is chosen, are ran on a hourly basis, so the simulation time shouldn’t be that different. Am I totally wrong? Is it normal that the time that requires to perform hourly simulation is much longer than annual simulation?
  2. What is the contributor to such a mega size of .eso and .sql file?
  3. Is there any solution if I just want to extract the hourly electricity demand and PV generation?

Thanks a lot.