Problem in calculate solarAdjustedMRT

I want to calculate solarAdjustedMRT,with the day from 6am to 7pm(13hours),and there are 344 points inputing for the body location.

But the result is so strange that every point has 180 values,not 20 values(13 numbers + 7 strings)

After that i want to seperate the numbers and strings,another problem happened that there are 3096 sets of data, not 344 .

What’s wrong with it? Due to this problem, I can’t calculate the UTCI, because the number of the solarAdjustedMRT and the windspeed is not the same .

@jer1015 ,

You will see that the input that you have for contextShading_ is a dashed line, indicating a “data tree” or a “list of lists.” You will see that the original example file that you are starting from does not have such a dashed line going into contextShading_, meaning that it is just a single list (not a list of lists):,-237.0660135379551

This is important because the Solar Adjusted component will treat each list within the “list of lists” as a separate run of the component, causing you to get more than the 20 values that you actually want.

To get a single run of the component and just 20 values, you need to “Flatten” this “lists-of-lists” into a single list. You can do this using a native Grasshopper “Flatten” component or you can just right-click on the contextShading_ input and select “Flatten.”

Welcome to the world of Grasshopper data trees!
Master data trees and you have mastered Grasshopper.

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Thanks a lot,i‘ve solve the problem with your method!