Problem in run energy simulation (which version should i use)

hello i have a question
im using rhino 6.30. when i set true to boolean toggle for write idf and energyplus the simulation wont start. what version of ladybug, honeybee, honeybee legacy should i use ?

Hi @diatrira18, I doubt anyone will be able to help you unless you provide some additional information with a sample file.

hello @mostapha , thankyou for your response.
here is my gh. file. the problem is the simulation wont run, not even giving the red error or using openstudio 3.3 and energyplus 9.6. (593.4 KB)

If you want to use the latest versions of EnergyPlus and OpenStudio, then you have to use the latest version of Ladybug Tools (currently version 1.4 on Food4Rhino). You clearly have the old legacy components in your screenshot, which only work up to OpenStudio 2.9.1.

hi chris!
i already uninstall the openstudio 3.3, and decide to install the openstudio 2.9.1 from this link Release OpenStudio v2.9.1 · NREL/OpenStudio · GitHub . when i test your sample files “indoor adaptive comfort” from Hydra - Sharing made easy! it runs perfectly. but when i test mine, the simulation still wont run.
my file : (593.4 KB)