Problem in "Shading Designer"

Hi All,

I ran “Shading Designer” example file yesterday with an error message of "Face[1] in the brep has more than one loop, it cannot be meshed. " What does this mean?

By the way, I felt confusing about the part as below:

Anyone could kindly give me an explanation or some recommended articles to read?

Thanks in advance!


Is this error occurring with the geometry that comes with the example file or you own geometry? If it is your own geometry, please upload your GH file so that we can replicate the error.

If it is the geometry that comes with the example, what service release of Rhino are you using? If it’s an early one, this might be a bug in Rhino.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply. The geometry comes with the example file and the rhino version I use is Rhino5. That’s why I feel confused.


Just to clarify, you mean this example file?…;

If so, it’s not an error with any Ladybug or Honeybee component. The native Grasshopper Simple Mesh component just doesn’t like one of the context surfaces that were put into it.


Dear Chris,

Yes, I mean this example file. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile: