Problem in simulating a vaulted house

Hi all,

I met a problem when I tried to simulate a vaulted house by Openstudio, which could not give me an EP surface result and said “1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** For zone: ZONE_0 it is not possible to calculate the volume from the surrounding surfaces so either provide the volume value or define all the surfaces to fully enclose the zone.”

Is there any way to deal with this type of buildings? Thanks!

@HAOBOLIU OpenStudio does not support curved geometry. You should simplified the geometry using many simple panel surface.

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Hi Minggang, thanks for your reply.
I think ur are right. For the curvy surface, the zone result works well but the surface result not.

Among the 12 zones of my last work, two of them give me this same error, even if they are perfectly box-shaped surfaces. How is it possible?