Problem simControls honeybee May Update

Hi guys!

I have a problem running Honeybee.

After running Ladybug_UpdateThisFile, HoneyBee_Simulation Controls component updated to May 02 2015 version and stopped working.

The component is red and gives me this error: “1. Solution exception:global name ‘maxWarmupDays_’ is not defined”

If I go back to the previous version, it does not work (I mean, it does not change the controls in the final idf file).

thank you very much



You have to reinsert this specific component. Most of the times the update component is enough, but sometimes some component add input/output items, which are not updated in the already inserted ones.


thank you Abraham!

if I only reinsert the component (I mean, I delete it and insert it again), I get the old component (updated at feb 03 2015), which doesn’t work either. Do I have to restart or anything?

Forgot to say. You need to update all components and not just the specific file.


you mean, there is a new updated version of May, 2nd? Do I have to manually install it?

But on the Update component, I run updateAllUObjects, is it not sufficient?

There are some components that came out after may 2.

You can use the UpdateComponent to do the job. Instead of updating “This file” connect the boolean to the AllComponents input.


I have already done that, but there still is an error in the new version: “1. Solution exception:global name ‘maxWarmupDays_’ is not defined”

this is what I got:

The updated component, when you reinsert it, should have 7 input items (instead of 5 of the previous version). So if you did the HB__updateAllUObjects well you should be doing fine.

In case of need upload the file and i’ll check it.


it doesn’t… I solved connecting a panel anyways (71.2 KB)

Attached a file with the updated component.

-A. (77.7 KB)

thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thanks for working through this issue, Abraham. Your devotion as a supporter is unmatched. Hopefully, I will get some time to make a tutorial video about syncing the github soon. The process seems to confuse people the first time that they do it and there also appears to be many people who are willing to constantly sync these days.