Problem to set different views for Glare Analysis results

Hi all,

I have run the glare analysis but came across a problem with presenting results. I set 3 different views for the glare analysis but with the same view for all the results. Where am I going wrong? I have attached .gh file. Thanks in advance!!!

Testing room_V2.3dm (242 KB)
Glare (491 KB)

No problem here. Just change the index input in each of your ListItem components.

You probably want to define internal views fot the glare checking. Isn’t it?


Dear Abraham,

Thanks for your help! Yeah, I want to define the internal views for the glare analysis. I am quite new to rhino and grasshopper and had no idea how to import the views in rhino into the grasshopper previously. I get that now. :slight_smile:


Hi Maria.
I am simulate annual glare now. and I meet the same problem whit you. I just run the simulation of yours. I am sorry that i can’t understand the meaning of the images. Can you tell me the difference between the three results. I think it will make great sense for my work.

Best regards!

Hi Hang Chen,

sorry for my late reply. I was away for a long spring festival. The three images represent different perspective of the room. You should define the perspective of interest in rhino and then define that in grasshopper. Then you will get the right results.

Hope it’s helpful!