Problem with honeybee_solve adjacencies component

Hi Mostapha and Chris,

I am running into a problem and can’t find a solution.I think it’s a little bug in modeling.I have a box inside another box(as you see in the picture) . I want to solve the adjacencies to run an EP simulation . if the inside box is just in the center of the outer box, ”Honeybee_solve adjacencies” component doesn’t work correctly and doesn’t show the adjacencies of walls but if I move the inner box a few centimeters away it will work corrently and shows the adjacencies of the two boxes.i got confused and I don’t know how to fix it!. :frowning:

adjacencies.3dm (118 KB)
test (458 KB)


The process to create the zones should be different than what you propose (based on surfaces).

See attached a working file.

-A. (471 KB)

thank you Abraham for your answer.i knew that intesrsect component but it doesnt show the wall adjacencies in “read me pannel”! the problem is that its not working with the brep that are in the center of another breps!if i move it further it will work correctly and shows the adjacencies in read me pannel.i think it should be a problem from honeybee.

Try the attached.

I used a different approach for the initial geometry. Didn’t get why the previous were not working. Maybe something related to tolerances …

-A. (471 KB)

thank you very much but its not working yet.your inner geometry wasnt in the center of the outer geometry.i fixed your new geometry but unfortunately its not working yet.i think its a modeling bug.i am completely confused! :slight_smile:

adjacencies.3dm (118 KB) (471 KB)


See another try. I’m offsetting the external curve… Moving the internal box by 2 mm works (see red group at the left). I think this is pretty much the middle. Don’t get why the middle-middle is not working.

-A. (474 KB)

yes it seems that its not working just in middle-middle :slight_smile:

i should give up modeling at center.i’ve never seen that error before.i hope it will fix soon.

thanks again and wish you the best Abraham.