Problem with loading WeatherFileURL

Dear Chris,

I have a small problem when I was using the Microclimate map example file. Following the guidance, I copied the zip file URL to my clipboard and connected to the ‘weatherFileURL’. But with an error pop-out: WeatherFileURL is not a valid web address to a DOE weather file.

Is this because the DOE’s website changed?…

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Maria,

You are right. Check this post:…

You probably need to update the link which you can find it on epwmap (

Dear Mostapha,

Thanks for your help!!!

I have tried 2 options but both of them couldn’t work.

  1. As Chris said, updating the weather file link cannot work correctly. The error is the same as what I have posted yesterday: WeatherFileURL is not a valid web address to a DOE weather file.
  2. I used the downloaded weather file. The remaining problem is that when I was trying to run the Microclimate Map, there is a component named ‘Ladybug_Import_Stat’ which requires me to feed in ‘Statfile’. I have checked all the related ‘import weather file’ component, but cannot find a specific component to open StatFile. 

I tried to link ‘Open EPW’ component to ‘Ladybug_Import_Stat’ , but it seems didn’t work (see as below). The pop-out error showed: ‘Solution exception: index out of range:1’. What’s wrong with my operation?

  1. Check under 0|Ladybug for “Ladybug_Open STAT File”. You can also use Grasshopper’s File Path component.

  2. As far as I can see you’re connecting the wrong file to ImportStat component that might be the reason. If connecting the stat file didn’t solve the issue open a new discussion for the problem so Chris or someone else on the group can help you with your problem.

Dear Mostapha,

Thank you very much!!! I didn’t find ‘Ladybug_Open STAT File’ myself previously and thus thought there was no component could open the STAT file. It worked now. :slight_smile: