Problem with new version of Honeybee(Feb/5/2017)


Nobody here has any problems with new version of honeybee?

even when I connect a simple Brep to Mass2Zone component, honeybee doesn’t recognize the object.

could you please help me


What is the error? Do you have an example file?

I tried on my previous files or started from the scratch, but in both situations, I got this error. this error appears in the first step, so none of my files works anymore

I will appreciate if you tell me what’s wrong


error with new version of (461 KB)

You need to assign some brep. Right click on the brep and click on “set one brep” to select a brep from Rhino scene.

Hi Farzane, You need import brep from rhino again by right click on brep “set one brep” or set multiple brep" and internalise that.


Omid. (462 KB)

I forgot to internalize it

you have assigned a Brep inside the grasshopper. I get this error when I use rhino based surfaces or volumes. even in your file if you bake the Brep and assign it again you get this error too. However, this is a good point to build my form in grasshopper instead of rhino, at least I can do my analysis in this way.

Thanks alot

sounds like internalizing data doesn’t work for Brep component in my computer! after I open the file even though it is bright gray which means something should have assigned to it, I get this “Null Brep” message. however, I will appreciate if you try with this simple box that is attached as a .3dm file.

regards (460 KB)
errorwithnewversionofhoneybee_2.3dm (164 KB)

Please find attached. (462 KB)

so you don’t get any errors with breps which are assigned from rhino?
like the attached file in my computer?

It works for me. Which version of rhino and grasshopper are you using?

It’s better to use the last version of grasshopper also rhino.



Restart Rhino and Grasshopper (not only Grasshopper) and it should work fine. In theory recomputing the file should also do it. I believe you have an older file open which overwrite the honeybee library.

Even restarting the computer doesn’t solve the problem or starting everything from the scratch in a new file, however, since I’m the only one who has got this problem maybe it is an internal issue with my system. as Omid suggested constructing the geometry inside the grasshopper works fine instead of importing from rhino, so i do my modeling in grasshopper.

Thank you all for your time and help


Did you check your grasshopper and rhino version?

Can you try to internalize with another component like geometry?

I believe the problem should be resolved, and it’s not enough.

Good luck,


grasshopper 0.9.0076

rhino 5

I find out that my grasshopper has the problem for internalizing the solids, not surfaces!(sounds weird)

actually, I think maybe reinstalling the rhino and grasshopper solves the problem, but I’m running out of time for my current project so I prefer to reconstruct the model in grasshopper and do the analysis.



I decided to remove the new version and use the previous one. now everything is perfect.

so, I think the issue was related to the new version, not my system.

i just thought it’s better to inform here