Problem with the new version of Read Annual Result I


I opened an old file, updated all the component (from Honeybee 0.0.56 to 0.0.58) and the new component 0.0.58 for daylight analysis Read Annual Result I is not working. You can see the error message. I copy pasted the old one 0.0.56 and it works (with the same inputs). What can be wrong? Thank you


Hi Francesco, What is your input for occupancyFiles_?

Hello Mostapha,

it is this file I attach. It works in the 0.0.56 version.

By the way the Read Annual Result II 0.0.58 works fine.


Rukki_7_22_MonSat (108 KB)

It is made like this

Hi Francesco, I can’t open the attached file. It doesn’t seem to be a .gh file. Can you upload the file again?

Mostapha that is the occupancy file, I understood you wanted to see that. The GH file is too messy. As soon I have time I make a clean new definition and i will send you.

Ha! My bad. I should have guessed as it was very obvious. Now I see the issue. file name should be ended by .csv (e.g. Rukki_7_22_MonSat.csv) otherwise component assumes you’re using an energyplus schedule for the schedule and that’s why it gave you the warning that it can’t be found. The older version was working fine as it didn’t have the new feature to accept EnergyPlus schedule as an input.

I added an extra check to generate occupancy file to add it for you in case you haven’t as an input.

Mostapha, ok good thank you!! So it means that you updated the component to automatically save the occupancy file as a .csv file?


Good thank you!!