Problem with the solve adjacencies component

Dear experts,

I am creating an energy plus model. The model is a 10-floor building that I have subdivided in 5 zones per floor with the relative component. I need to maintain the original windows on the facades, so I have extracted the external facades and added the windows as child surfaces.

Then, I have reattached the surfaces with the windows to the other surfaces and created the HBZones. The first doubt is here: Can I use the create_HBZone component to create more zones? Apparently, yes by adding the surfaces divided per branch.

Everting seems to go well until I use the solve adjacencies component. Passing 10 external zones to the component, these are putted one on the other, getting the 10 zones in the same place. I tried to pass the closed Brep to the solve component in different ways, but I got the same error or the adjacencies are not recognized! What am I doing wrong?

Any suggestion is welcome!!

Enclosed the gh file.


Giuseppe (571 KB)

Hi Giuseppe,

I am not able to reproduce the error that you are finding. I have however updated all your components to the latest version of Honeybee you can do this by downloading the latest components from Github -

After updating all the components on my machine the simulation runs smoothly. Let me know if this GH file is what you want.



Eplus_model AJZ (594 KB)


I’m not checking Anton’s file but, also after the update i noticed that you are missing the connection of the “Separate the zones per orientation” group with the HB_createHBZones in the “Create the HBZones of the 10 zones west oriented” group. See the yellow area i marked. After that it indeed works creating closed breps after the Adjacency.

-A. (619 KB)

Hi guys,

Firstly, thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, the situation does not change updating the Honybee components. The first image shows the output view of the 10 west oriented zones before the solve adjacencies.

Then, this is what I got after the solve adjacencies, in which I have connected 10 west oriented zones and 10 stairwell zones. The 10 Zones are one on the other. In fact, running the E+ simulation, I obtain the same energy consumption for each of the 10 west oriented zones.

Did you get the same error?

Giuseppe (627 KB)

There is indeed a bug. If you preview the Adjacency you see the zones fine. The faulty preview comes from the HB_decomposeByType component.

But … when i open the idf in OpenStudio it is right that all zones are one on the other (The importIDF doesn’t like the idf and don’t open it, giving a red error “1. Solution exception:zone_7_Srf_5”).

You need also to reinsert the 3 last component (runE+, readResults and EPOutput since they changed the number of items).

I would (please do) report a bug in the github. Reference this discussion.


Ciao Giuseppe,

I managed to solve your problem by adding a name creation routine (see the red group components in the picture): this allows for the recognition of all the zones you are feeding in the solve adjacency component.

The goup I added

The adjacency component

All the floors recognized.

Here is the GH definition.

Hope this helps you. (626 KB)

Of course!!!

Good one Jacopo.


Ah! This is a returning issue. Here and here are just two examples and we should have fixed it sooner. There is a check for zones with the same name that should catch cases like this but for some reason it doesn’t always work. As a temporary fix I added a warning to the component and it won’t run if there are duplicate names.

Thank you to everybody (specially to Jacopo) for the precious help.

I reported the bug in GitHub, even though I wasn’t able to add the label “bug” to the issus (I am not so familiar with GitHub).

Solved a problem I found another one, now there is something wrong with the “Generators - Electric load center”. I have simply tried to run the E+ simulation using the Jacopo’s file and this is the error:

Any suggestion?


Ciao Giuseppe,

Sometimes, even if you run the Honebee_update component, you have to manually update those that change the number of inputs/outputs by replacing them. The errors that you usually get sound like “Solution exception:global name ‘HBGenerators_’ is not defined”.

See file attached. (671 KB)

Ciao Jacopo,

thank you again for the help. I noticed that the input “HBGeneretor_” was missing and I tried to add it manually before to post the problem here but without success.

So, how did you add the inputs manually? Just to know for the next time!


As far as I know, you can’t. I think that Chris or Mostapha can explain you why. You just need to place a new component and manually re-establish the connections to other components that were set before, I usually do a ctlr+shif+click on the old connection to move it.

I think that Chris or Mostapha can explain you why.

In case of changes in number of inputs and outputs update component will fail and you need to replace it with the new version from the tab manually.