Problems about modelling a huge space with Honeybee Energy Simulation

Hi Mostapha, Chris and group members,

I have made a parametric model of a huge space like a train station’s waiting room. The model is used for annual energy simulation of the space and the total solar radiation of the roof.

The solar radiation is OK, but the EP simulation failed.

Is there something wrong with the model setting? Or because of the curved form? If so, what should I do to handle that? (568 KB)

Hi Xiaojian,

Please update your ladybug and honeybee first.

You should simplify your curved surface to planner surface (especially those have glazing)

EnergyPlus has some problems with concave geometry, and you should break the entire hall into several small zones, and keep each zone is convex.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mingbo,

Great thanks to your immediate reply and patient help. And it really did work.

As you said, I simplified the model with more control points by breaking up the form into 6 zones with the air wall between them. Each is made of planner surfaces.

As you see, I can get the overall energy use values, but the “severe” issue still got me a little confused, I lost the surface values. I mean I am glad to have the result and grateful for your kind help. Meanwhile, I just felt curious about this issue. I checked the same issue in the discussion forum,…, like this post.

So my question is, is it still my model’s error or should I run the simulation without interior reflections using the Energy Simulation Par component? If so, how to handle in the Energy Simulation Par component.

Thank you again for your great help.

Hi Xiaojian,

This error happens quite common, usually because of your model with multi-zones. What I can guess from your description and screenshot, it might be you didn’t set “interior airwall” correctly.

Please check the file I uploaded.

-Mingbo (547 KB)

Hi Mingbo,

Thanks to your imediate reply. Sorry for forgetting to upload gh document.

I uploaded my gh file this time. As you can see, I used Set Ep Interior Zone Construction component to add airwall, but only your operation did work. So is it equal to your operation? Or what’s the difference between them? Still, I can’t get the surface values this time.

I also saw your illustration in the uploaded gh file, so should I input boolean toggle(false) to the solarDistribution?

Thank you again for your great help, as the design process really did some work for me.

11.02(1).gh (593 KB)

Hi Xiaojian,

From my understanding, there is no difference between two ways of setting air wall as you described.

What surface value do you want to get? if you want to check surface temperature, you have to set “energyPlus output” correctly (please see following screenshot), and use “read energyPlus surface result” to get results.

Hope is helps.