Problems generating microclimate map


I’m encountering consistent problems when trying to generate a microclimate map for a range of projects. This is after having watched Chris’s outdoor microclimate mapping tutorial over performance network.

When attempting to run the energyplus simulation, it returns an error with “1. Solution exception:E:\Git\OS1\openstudiocore\src\model\PlanarSurface.cpp@643 : Cannot create a surface with vertices [[-22.3643, 193.732, 6.46991], [-35.4236, 187.221, 6.46991]]”.

Can anyone help me diagnose what this error relates to, how to solve it, and how I can better address this in model setup in the future. In order words, a ‘what to watch for’ when creating geometry for this purpose?

Thanks in advance, (941.7 KB)

Hi @jwoodall,

The problem is related HB_EP_context surfaces, you don’t need to provide detailed surfaces for shading. And it is better to create simplified geometries for context.

Thanks @OmidmRashidi for the comments. I will try simplifying the context and see if this provides a solution. My only frustration is that this wasn’t intuitive from the GH component - I had been adamant that it was the proposed buildings causing the problem.

Hi @jwoodall,

Also, when you simplify HP_context surfaces as @OmidmRashidi suggested, the simulation will run but with severe error. That is because the HB_zones need to be cleaned too. Attached a screenshot that shows the slim roof surfaces that will cause the error.

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