Problems in algorithm

Hello. I have a problem with my shading modeling (for energy simulation).

I use pipe (circle section) for constructing my shading, but the energy analysis runs for hours and didn’t finish.
how can I use the pentagon section for my shading? because I think changing the section can help for sooner analysis. I tried “extrude and sweep1” but they didn’t work. (48.1 KB)


Avoid using an curved surface in LBT and try planar surfaces.

As far you are using pipes, mesh this pipe (native grasshopper can do) or use an pipemesh command. (I think it’s an plugin)

I hope it works.

it didn’t work unfortunately

I opened your code.
I didn’t find the energy analysis command and have some issues.

I have made an example to extrude a polygon by lines.

Sorry I don’t know how to help more.

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yes, I just put my shading geometry here, thanks anyway. I will check your file.