Problems with daylight factor calculation in HoneyBee [+]

Dear Ladybug Tools community,
Unfortunately, I’m here to disturb you again.
Now I’m trying to calculate the daylight factor with Honeybee and Honeybee [+].
In order not to waste your precious help, I enclose the .gh file, so you can see exactly where the error is. I remind everyone that I’m new to using Honeybee and for this I ask for clemency.
I modeled and wrote the file without any problem, I get to launch the analysis and Honeybee generates error-free results and charts reliable to expectations.
On the contrary, Honeybee [+] generates continuously errors for me, not being able to get results and, when it generates results for me, they are very strange and unreliable because of the illogicality of the graph or the previous results obtained with Honeybee.
So I think I made some serious mistakes in writing Honeybee [+], but I can’t find the problem.

I attach Honeybee’s [+] illogical results compared to Honeybee.

I am looking forward for your kind reply.
Best regards
Luca Bianchi

someone can help me, please.

Hi @lb.92

Please use an avatar picture.

I’ve downloaded your file and opened it and I can see that you don’t have the latest version of HB+. Try to update and also avoid any naming of folder or material with blank spaces.

When you send a definition to upload on discourse for others to open, please try to simplify it to make it lighter. It took me 4-5minutes to open yours given the amount of internalized geometry.

Keep us posted,

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Good evening @OlivierDambron,
First of all, thank you for your kind response.

I think I have updated currently HB+ (boolean toggle set to true connected to HoneybeePlus Installer), I also corrected all the spaces as he told me and then postponed the analysis, but as you see the results are still not logical.

I attach the image and the file (

As for the simplification of the file, I don’t know how to do it, if you can explain me how to do it I am happy to help you in helping me.

Awaiting an answer, please
Best regards
Luca Bianchi

@OlivierDambron, please

Someone can help me, please.

Please share the gh definition here directly without going through transfernow. Also please keep the definition as light as possible with perhaps the very basic geometry needed to solve this issue.

Good evening @OlivierDambron
I send you the definition as requested, but unfortunately I can not share it directly here because it has larger dimensions than those supported. To lighten the definition I have eliminated the internalizations and therefore I enclose also the .3dm file in addition to the .gh.
As you can see, I still have some problems, which I can’t solve.
Awaiting an answer, please
Best regards
Luca Bianchi