Problems with mechanical ventilation in a thermal comfort analysis

220908_Thermal (772.0 KB)

I wanted to calculate the hourly operative indoor temperature for an unconditioned space for different window sizes. However, when I run the simulation, the mechanical ventilation does not retrieve any results. Has anyone had a similiar problem or know the solution?


I had a similar problem but I could not find any solution.

Hi @zahabia,

I think your problem lies here. If a room is not conditioned there will be no mechanical ventilation.


Hi @Erikbeeren. But is it not possible to have mechanical ventilation but no heating or cooling?

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Yes that is possible. If you put a high temperature for cooling setpoint and a low temperature for heating setpoint.


@Erikbeeren 's suggestion is the right workflow to use for the time being.

We also have it on our development agenda to add support for fan-based ventilation that’s independent of any heating/cooling system, which will probably be more appropriate for a case like this once it’s implemented. These fan ventilation objects will be useful for cases of kitchen/bathroom exhaust fans as well as fan-based ventilative cooling. You’ll know that it has been implemented when you see this issue is closed: