Problems with the new version of HB

Hi guys,

I am having problems in the new version of honeybee with a material that I had previously added to the honeybee library (see the following discussion).…

The thing is that this material that I added to the library is messing the new version of HB. I have reinstalled everythink (radiance, lh and hb) and the problem is still there. How can I delete this material from the library?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Alejandro,

They are in a file named HoneybeeRadMaterials.mat. You can find it under the Ladybug default folder. Can you share your file with me so I can see why the files is failing to import? Do you have a new line between each material?


Hi Mostapha,

Indeed, there was no empty line between the materials. I added it and now it works.