Psychrometric Chart Crashing

Pardon me if I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately…

Anyone with the same error?

I didn’t report this initially because at first I tried using the Psych Chart on my i3 laptop so I thought my laptop might be the issue.

However, I’m on an i7 desktop now so I couldn’t help but wonder why it would crash on a simple Psych chart… any help? I made sure I was on the latest version of LB/HB, I even set the analysis period for only one month just in case.

I’ve been checking some of the previous discussion regarding the Psych Chart crashing and it seems i have a different issue. (486 KB)
RhinoCrashDump.3dm (9.99 KB)

What is the error that you are getting. Your gh file ran fine on my computer. I did hard-code the path instead of going the url way.

Here are some of the other things I tried that did not work as well:

I wonder why I’m the only one experiencing this :confused:

I would check your Rhino version. I remember that you need RS10 or above.


Thanks for the reply.

I was just wondering, what’s RS?

Should be SR (service release).

Go to “about Rhino” and you’ll get the splash window.


Thank you very much, I updated my SR and it’s fine now.

Hi!!! I seem to be having the same problem. When I try to run the Psychrometric chart simulation it chashes. My Rhino version is 5.0. Is there a latest version ?

ladybugtutorial_psycometric (399 KB)

Try this one.

Hey! Thanks for the reply.

So, I tried updating and still doesn’t work. Any other insights on what might be going wrong?

I’m sure it’s the windSpeed_ input causing that. Since the psych chart is based on the PMV model, the windSpeed input refers to occupant use of fans. The windSpeed from the epw file refers to outdoor wind speed, it has 8760 values causing GH to crash.

If I remember correctly, that windSpeed input is to be used in conjunction with ‘Occupant use of fans’ under Strategy List.

Yes you are right! Works fine now…

Thank you very much!