Psychrometric chart _ Full script

I’m working on creating a script for a psychrometric chart, but I’m encountering difficulties in completing it. I have a few questions:

  1. Can anyone provide assistance in illustrating the “Strategy Para” component?
  2. How should I use this component, and could you provide definitions for each data input?
  3. How can I calculate the Mean Radiant Temperature (MRT) for an indoor space?

    psychrometric (54.0 KB)

Note: I have uploaded the grasshopper file to be easily edit and resend it

Hi @Tarekkamel_1988 ,

To answer your questions:

Did you hover over the inputs and read the input descriptions? That will tell you what each of them does. You can also find these descriptions in the component documentation here.

If you build a Honeybee energy model of a particular space that you are studying, the HB Read Room Comfort Result component can be used to bring in the hourly average MRT of the space, which can be used to inform simple psychrometric studies like what you have there.