PV component doesn't accept efficiency

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I am trying to calculate the energy produced by PV modules and here is the definition. in “photovoltaic surface” component when I use a brep for “PV Surface” everything looks OK but when I connect “PV-SHW surface” it doesn’t work and I don’t see ACEnergyPerYear change when I increase the efficiency of modules. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Tnx in advance.

This is a question that would be best answered by @djordje as he is the author of those PV components. I can assist with workflows using the PV components in EnergyPlus simulations if you end up going that route.

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@mst.torabi, is it possible to get the .gh file attached, please?

unfortunately I can’t upload a file because my account is new.
but here is the link on google drive:


Hi @mst.torabi,

Thank you for attaching the file.
“PVmoduleSettings” settings should always go both into the “PV SWH Surface” component (if you use it) and “PV Surface” component.
In this way, changing the module efficiency always gives the same annual AC output.
The reason for this is: “PV SWH Surface” actually works by defining the systemSize_. By default this is 4kw. So which every module efficiency you define, it it will try to accommodate the size of the “PV_SWHsurface” output area to 4kw systemsize.
For example, for 4kw system size,
if your module efficiency is 10% the “PV_SWHsurface” area would be 44.44m2.
If the efficiency is 20%, the “PV_SWHsurface” area would be 22.22m2.
Both will generate the same amount of annual AC energy because the initial system size remained 4kw. It’s just the area that shrank.

If you do not use the “PV SWH Surface” component, but only “PV Surface”, what happens is that:
your area is fixed, but by increasing the module efficiency, you are increasing the system size. This is why your annual AC output is higher by increase of module efficiency.

So the second approach, with usage of only the “PV SWH Surface” component is meant to be used for simple estimation: how much energy will this or that surface generate.
The first approach (with “PV SWH Surface” component) works a bit different: how much energy will PV system of a certain size in kw generate.

Does this answer your question or not? If not, please feel free to ask additional questions. We are here to help.

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Thank you @djordje. Your answer really helped

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