PV issues

Hi everybody,

I am trying to use the PV components and till this moment i had few issues: at the beginning i had an old version installed in the laptop, then the Update components of Ladybug and Honeybee were not updating the file and all the components… and now the latest error I get from RunEnergySimulation component is:

1. It has been detected that there are PV generators attached to sufaces of a Honeybee zone. **** However this Honeybee zone has not been connected to the _HBZones input on this component. **** Please connect it to run the EnergyPlus simulation!

I don´t understand why I receive this error because I have the _HBZones input connected with the HBZones output from SetEnergyPlus Zone Schedules.

What is wrong? Any suggestion?

It’s a bug.


Ok thanks! So what should I do?

I have read your previous post and the one in github but I didn´t find any solution.



Anton mentioned that he needs Mostapha’s help to fix it so we’ll have to wait.