PV surface input in Sandia's PV modules

Hello community,
When I used Ladybug’s Photovoltaics Surface component to calculate amount of electrical energy,
an error occurred after inputting Sandia’s PV module settings,what is the problem?
I wish some one can help me as I am beginner or provide the right way to use the component.
Uploading: CEC Inverters.csv…
Uploading: CEC Modules.csv…
Sandia Modules.csv (190.1 KB)

Simulation of photovoltaic capacity.gh (394.8 KB)


Hey @zhangwenzheng . Sorry for the late reply. It is time I have uninstalled legacy version of LBT and not using the PV module of Ladybug. As far as I remember I only replaced some code in PV module and I had attached the edited module in a gh file attached in that post.
I think @djordje can help you out better.

Hi @zhangwenzheng ,
I am sorry for the late reply.

Attached is example with both CEC and Sandia Module components.
I also attached CEC and Sandia libraries.

ImportCEC_Sandia_PhotovoltaicsModule_components.gh (402.1 KB)
CEC_Sandia_module_libraries.zip (483.0 KB)