Pvwatts argument error when running PVsurface


I am trying to use the component PhotovoltaicsSurface to model energy generation on the roof of a building, and get a “Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException) : pvwatts() takes exactly 16 arguments (14 given)”. Unfortunately I am not able to understand which arguments I am missing.

I have checked the weather file and it doesn’t seem to be a problem since I have used it successfully for other PV simulations.

I greatly appreciate any help! Am attaching both photos and files.

Best regards
Annagha Mital
Preliminary model.gh (462.8 KB)

Hi,@AnnaghaMital "16 arguments (14 given)” means the compotent is newest version. Please update your grasshooper definition.

Hi @minggangyin!
What do you mean by updating my GH definition? I am using Rhino version 6.

@AnnaghaMital I mean use this comptent to update the GH definition.
Here is the comprision of Ladybug 0.0.64 and 0.0.67.

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I see, thank you so much!
Unfortunately I have another problem. I cannot seem to find the components to input correct PVModuleSettings. Do I need a different plugin for those?

@AnnaghaMital This error is about Rhino unit setting. You perfer to use Meter as the default unit.

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You are completely correct, it’s perfect now. Thank you SO much for your help and quick answers!