Question about a DF comparison between HBlegacy and HB+

Hello Dear Ladybuggers,

I have a question, hoping to find an answer.

For a Daylight Factor analyse, I tested a very simple modell, and I wanted to make a comparison between the DF analyse through HB legacy and HB+, to understand if the result would have been complementary.
I did the same test on 3 different models, and the result was always that with HB+ the values were “much higher”. I also did the test through DIVA, and the result was quite similar to HBlegacy.

I would like to try to understand which of the 2 versions to use, and also understand if I am possibly wrong.

The “higher values” is perhaps given because the DF HBlegacy component calculate basis the background glow, and the HB+ not??

attached my example:
Daylight_Factor_comparison_HB-HB (654.1 KB)