Question about example file:

Dear all,

For some reason I’m getting an error message when I open example file when I run it (and using a simple box which I’ve set as a brep. The Honeybee Run Daylight Simulation component gives the following message: “Can’t find the results for the study”, please see the image attached. I’m probably making a mistake, can you advise me what I’m doing wrong?



Hi Kevin,

Simulation fail to run on your system for some reason. I assume you see cmd windows pop up and close pretty fast. Let’s start from the most basic reason that can cause this.

Do you have Daysim installed and if yes where do you have it installed?



Hi Kevin I came across that error message while not,having enough points on the genpts component.

Hi Mostapha,

Thank you for your answer, this solved the problem, I was under the assumption that I could run it on radiance alone,

kind regards,