Question about script setting

Hi community!

I have built geometry through Rhino and run a Daylight Analysis using HoneyBee Ver 0.0.63. But, I have some concerns with the results.

Firstly, HoneyBee results are different when compared to IES or Diva of the same geometry. I would appreciate if someone could look at my grasshopper script and let me know if there are any missing inputs.

Secondly, I have run the same rhino model, the same grasshopper script with the same Honeybee version (0.0.63) on 2 different computers with 2 different Rhino version ( 5 and 6 ). I am getting slightly different DF results.

Lastly, there is also an issue with the grid. I can make it follow the edge of the geometry, but some points fall outside the geometry which results in inaccurate values for max. DF.