Question about the new Daylight European metrics

Dear Ladybug programmers,

I wanted to ask if is expected in the near future, an addition in Ladybug/Honeybee, for the new European metrics, about the Daylight Analysis, in according with the EN 17037:2018:

or is it already possible to do it and I haven’t found the right procedure?

Kind regards

You can do it already with current honeybee, the simplest way is to do a spatial-daylight factor simulation. You can run a typical daylight factor simulation (with specified grid size, height, etc according to the DIN) and afterward filtering the result to calculate spatial value.


thanks for your answer, @vhoang

this is for my university study,
and at the moment I have difficulty in matching the various procedures of the new DIN.

I will try shortly, following his advice, even if at the moment I don’t understand how to extrapolate the illuminance values after the daylight factor simulation.

would you have an example file, to avoid me making big mistakes initially? Always if I’m not disturbed.

Greetings from Munich