Questions about creating a zone in Honeybee

I’m in the first stage of starting the Honeybee program, so I’m sorry that the question may be too easy.

I had previously used another simulation program, climate studio.
There, when creating a zone for energy analysis, when I set the zone to Brep, the space was automatically divided into walls, roofs and floors.
So in a complex zone (for example, an arched structure), the program couldn’t distinguish between roofs or walls, and I even couldn’t specify what was a wall and what was a roof. (Actually possible, but I may not have known)

So, I wonder if such activities are possible in Honeybee.
If this activity is possible, I want to study honeybee diligently from now on.
thank you

Hi, @imj06050215

Can you upload your model and GH file that can recreate your issue?

In Honeybee, there are many model-creation workflows to handle different needs. Different models need different skills to establish them.

But Honeybee indeed can’t create a model with non-planar surfaces (like an arched structure), but you can use the plug-in “LaunchBox” to convert non-planar surfaces to planar mesh.

Other batteries like “HB Solve Adjacency” and “HB Intersect Solids” also can help you accurately divide your model into walls, roofs, and floors in different cases automatically. And you can also specify different types of your surface through the battery below.

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thanks for the answer
Thanks to you, I found out about the LaunchBox.
Let’s try. Probably possible.