Questions About How the AFN Model Works in Honeybee

Hello, I add another query linked to the previous one, so as not to generate another new post.

I have some doubts regarding the results of the natural ventilation of my model. Through the LB Dump Data component, I exported the infiltration data, natural ventilation, operating temperature, and average temperature, to observe what happens in excel. Observing the data on an hourly basis, I have identified, for some periods, that when the ventilation Schedule On-Off is Off, it still shows values of -0.1. Perhaps they are very small values, which do not generate much impact on the simulation results. But I’m not clear. When simulating in E+ when the Schedule is at 0 (Off) it does not show results, since the window is supposed to be completely closed.

In the following image, I show a specific day, July 23, where in green, I show the hours in which the schedule would be at 1 (On). We can see that AFN Zone Ventilation Sensible Hear Energy shows values of -0.1 between 1 and 6 am.

​On the other hand, looking at another specific day, August 14, I can see that between 2 pm and 9 pm, when the schedule is 1 (On), I get ventilation results, which should be correct because the Schedule is on and in theory open the window. But, it happens that the minimum interior temperature that I defined in the HB Ventilation Control component is 19°C, therefore, it should not ventilate. It is observed that the interior temperature of the zone is lower than 19°C. What can be happening?

Finally, to try to observe what is happening with the window, I have tried to export the output variable AFN Surface Venting Window or Door Opening Factor, to understand what percentage of the window is open. But it turns out that using the HB Read Custom Result component doesn’t export values to me. In the following image, you can see the component connected to the panels. I can’t understand what is happening.

I apologize for the lengthy query. I hope I was clear.

My test file: (128.2 KB)

Thank you very much.