Questions about schedules and system capacities

Hi LB and HB devs and experts.

I have some questions regarding setting up ventilation systems in HB.

Please see the Grasshopper file to understand the questions properly.

The questions are grouped by a green blob.

  1. Question 1. Changing my ventilationPerArea does not affect my thermal environment why?

  2. Question 2. How do I define my own schedules? for heating and cooling set point schedules specifically.

  3. Question 3. How do I define my system (heating and cooling) capacities is it possible?

  4. Question 4. It seems like Adiabatic Surface proprieties disappear when written to EP. Am I doing something wrong?

Best Regards

Kristoffer (270 KB)

Hi Kristoffer,

Q1. Check this discussion:…

Q2. Check this discussion:…

Q3. You need to use the OpenStudio export for that. There are 10 template systems that you can select from them. All the components are under tab number 10. Looks for Honeybee_OpenStudioHVACSystems. I’m not sure if we have an example file for that but I can put one together for you if that helps.

Q4. This can be a bug. I will check the attached file and update this discussion.



Here is the update:

Q2. Sorry! I should have opened your file before answering to this question. The issue is not actually the schedule but SetPt. I need to take a closer look. I recently used this functionality and it was working totally fine. There is some issues with adding the schedule to library. Should be an easy fix.

Q4. It exports the surfaces fine and the boundary condition is correct in exported file which means results of your analysis should be fine. importIdf is incapable of importing the boundary condition correct. I added an issue to get it fixed:

Back to Q2, updating to the latest version solved the issue. The reason that the analysis fails when you use .csv file for heating setpoint schedule is that EnergyPlus is looking for a dualsetpoint schedule. If you use the same file for other schedules (e.g. occupancy) it will run fine. I will check about the possibility of generating custom .csv schedules for a case like this. I attached the updated file we should work fine with setpoints.

Mostapha (178 KB)

Hi Mustapha I am grateful and really impressed how fast your responses are.

Q1. Makes totally sense now. The updated user objects gives me reasonable answers now. Also nice to see the hints on units. Neat.

Q2. OK I see Occupancy, Activity, Lighting, Equipment, Infiltration are working fine. But Heating and Cooling does not at the moment. Could you provide me with a sample dualpoint csv file, or where the standard files are placed, I might just cook something up to make HB happy here.

Q3. I really like to see examples of using HB+LB+OpenStudio especially when it comes to controlling heating and cooling capacities. If you (or Chien Si) have some messy test/example files, just send them to me (kristoffer.negendahl[at]gmail[dot]com) and I can spend some time cleaning and comment them out and place the here for future reference. In general I really like to see more examples of manipulation of systems.

Q4. OK.

Hi Kristoffer,

Q2. It might be a good question for website actually as it is more of an EnergyPlus related question, than Honeybee question. I can also check for it if I get a chance.

Q3. I leave this one to Chien Si (

Q4. This is fixed now. Check the attached file and replace the component in your file with this one.

Mostapha (110 KB)

Thank you


Q2. My bad! It was a bug and is now fixed! Attached and also on github- (137 KB)

No problem.

Also closed Q2 on unmethours