Questions about zoneProgram

Hi everyone,

While using Masses2Zones, what if my building type is not included inside the preset zonePrograms. For example I got a Museum but the bldgPrograms doesn’t have this type.

And can I ask a further question that what is inside this zoneProgram thing? Is it just a name or it includes things like zone loads/schedules/thresholds and so on? How can I get a detailed look at these programs?

Thank you all for the help

Hi @skyly,
I believe this by Chris explains what programs are in essence and how you should customize them. You may also read this

Hi devang,

Thank you for the reply. It’s very helpful.
So according to the second link in your answer, after I created a zone set with any given programs, if then I connect this zone to the nodes in “08 | Energy | Set Zone Properties”, will the loads and schedules in preset program be overwrite by the data which I put into the following nodes?

Yes. You got it :grinning:

Thank you again and one last question.
Can I ask if this overwrite mechanism also works with EPconstruction?
As in the picture the “2” will overwrite the “1”

Yes. You can even check this by using Honeybee_Label Zone Surfaces Component. Use EnergyPlus Construcction from the attribute list. Check the construction for the zones going to the Honeybee_Set EP Zone construction component and for the zones coming out of the component. Of ccourse, here, you’ll need to assign some new constructions as the inputs to the Honeybee_Set EP Zone Construction component.

Thank you devang for the explain. Really helpful to me.:grinning:

@skyly ,
Glad to see that @devang has answered all of your questions and I just wanted to add (as someone who has simulated a number of museum projects with honeybee) that you’ll likely want to overwrite the temperature and humidity setpoints using the “Honeybee_set zone thresholds” component. Unlike a lot of the other zone program templates in honeybee, museums tend to have very stringent temperature and humidity ranges in which they operate in order to help preserve the artifacts that they contain. So, as long as you overwrite the schedules, loads, and setpoints using the “Set Zone Loads”, “Set Zone Schedules” and “Set Zone thresholds” components respectively, you should effectively have zones with a museum program.

Hi chris,
Thank you for the reply. This forum is really a great help for me. I’ll check the local standard and set them with Honeybee.
Thanks again!