Questions on zones breps after simulation

Hello guys,

I would like to ask your feedback on something I recently noted. If it was discussed previously, could you please share the link with me?

Running a model I noted that some of the HB zones when imported using the idf file are considered to be ‘open breps’ (please see the image attached). I found this is weird considering the zones used to run the simulation where all ‘closed breps’. Is this normal or something is going wrong here?



Closed or open is a relative measure which depends on the tolerance of the model. If you can’t see a missing surface then it’s most likely fine.

@CarmeloGGalante ,

If the zones that you are re-importing were generated by Honeyee, then the chances are that your imported HBZones are good enough to re-run through EnergyPlus/Openstudio.

However, it is worth emphasizing that the Import IDF component is in the WIP section and so there are many types of IDFs that will not have correctly-imported geometry. In particular, I have tried importing IDFs generated with old versions of DesignBuilder that could not be brought in correctly (largely because these IDFs were not cleanly-generated without standard conventions for line breaks, etc.)

Also, the Import IDF component does not read back certain types of zone properties like HVAC systems, natural ventilation, or daylighting controls. So use the output of that component with caution until we bring it out of WIP. In the meantime, you can trust the Load/Dump HB components to always write/read all zone properties and geometry to standalone files.


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Thanks a lot for your feedback guys!