[Questions] Radiation Analysis

Hi All,

I have questions about radiation analysis. I succeed to visualize the radiation onto my surface (‘LB’ image). However, once I add geometries (ex: buildings), the result becomes strange. It seems the analysis only happen near the building/geometries (see ‘LB2’ image).

Also, can someone explain me how’s the ‘_disFromBase’ measured? especially if I have non-planar surface. Is it measured from the lowest/top elevation of the surface or the center of my surface?

thank you in advance.


Radiation Analysis-Lady Bug.gh (628 KB)

It has to do with the scale of the legend. See that without buildings the scale goes from 7.6 to 7.69.

With buildings from 0 to 7.9. Then you don’t see much change. I assume this is clear now.

The disFromBase is measured from the normal of each mesh grid.



In image below, the box is of size 10m x 10m. The distance of grid from the base is 1m. Hope this image helps you understand how grid points and distance from base works.

Grid Distance.gh (401 KB)

Ah, I got it. That make sense now.
Thank you

I see.

Thanks for the illustration!