Questions regarding utility bill example


I’m taking my first steps with LB HB so please bear with me :slight_smile:. I plan to do cost optimization for a new designed building. Since this is an office building (for rent), I would like to consider different window types and sizes, and different envelope constructions. This would affect investments costs (wall materials, glazing type), operating costs (energy usage) and income (usable space*rate - as f.ex brick wall+ insulation would result in smaller usable space compared to courtain wall). I would like to minimize value of InvestmentC+OperatingC-Income.

As for HB I would like to check how type of glazing, glazing% and envelope materials affect lightning, heating and cooling costs.

I found an example created by Cris Mackey on hydrashare Calculate annual utility bill but have a couple questions:

  1. As far as i understand there is Energy Plus Open Office program applied on default. Breaking it down i can see that there is equipment load included, and number of people per area. Does that mean that OpenStudio calculation includes both equipment and human heat gains?

  2. As far as i understand “Solve Adjacencies” compontet defines default internal partitions (In this example “Interior floor” and “Interior Ceiling”???). Glazing component by default defines a window size and type. Correct me If I am wrong, but I do not see any materials applied to external walls, floors or roofs - and U values would affect the result. Does that mean that calculation doesn’t include U value of envelope elements? Are these elements somehow defiened by default? How could I include these into definition?

  3. I added some context buildings (Hb Context input in OS component), and i checked that they affect the use of lightning energy (higher), but they do not affect heating or cooling loads at all. Shouldn’t context affect heat gains - and what follows - cooling and heating energy needed?

  4. If i wanted to define my own schedule - offices for working hours (say 9-17)- ex. temperature inside to be kept between 22 and 26 celcius degree, ventilation rate x, lightning off when its not needed, etc. How would you include that to a cost calculation? Is it even possible to include such on/off times (Intelligent building) according to exterior temperatures, envelope u-values, glazing types and sizes?

Thank you for your time and help,
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@Wujo ,

I really recommend watching the full video series on building Honeybee Energy models before posting to this forum:

All of your questions are pretty much answered in the course of the videos. Short answers to your questions are:

  1. Yes
  2. It’s impossible to have an EnergyPlus simulation without wall/roof/floor/window thermal resistances. It just uses a default value if it’s not assigned.
  3. Yes but the magnitude of the effect depends on what the geometry is.
  4. Yes. Make your own schedules and assign them to the set points on HVAC availability.

Thank you for answers, I’ll watch the series as soon as i can.