Racking in Daylight Model


I was wondering if there is a suggested way to account for racking layout in a space for a daylight model in Honeybee+?

Is there any guidance on that?

I thought of modelling boxes/masses to represent the racking but would like to know if that’s a good approach?


Hi @Farah.H, Assuming my understanding from racking is correct why should it be any different than other geometries?

Thank you @mostapha for getting back to me.

These racking/high duty shelves will be placed as interior objects, changing their quantity or layout would change how the daylight is being distributed. So was wondering if there is an option in HB+ daylight components to account for that without having to model the geometry of each racking, for example ‘SkyCalc’ software accounts for the presence of shelving or any partitioning.

No. You have to model them. It should be easy to create a Grasshopper script to generate them based on a logic.

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