Rad rose problem

Hello there,

Please check the attached files. I’m trying to get the rad rose, but apparently I’m not able

What am I doing wrong


rad-rose-test.gh (87.3 KB)
rad-rose-test.3dm (66.5 KB)

Hi Claudio,

Your point is (0,0,0) that is under your context surface. Maybe the problem is there…

Let me know,


Hello Claudio too,that sounds weird. I did move the center pt up but it did not change anything. The rad rose still receiving all values at 0

Let me think. Seeing your file you connected a brep to the “context” which seems to be a building. Usually the context is a group of building you have around your study area, so… this is my first question: are you connecting your building in the ‘context’ input?

If you tell me the problem you are trying to solve I would be more specific

PS: if you move the point up it will be still inside (on the edge of) the brep connected to the context input untill it comes out the ‘roof’

Yes but I moved the center pt way up so,its outside of the bldg. Yes I’m connecting just one beep (one building) to the,context input. And I’m not trying,to,solve anything just getting to know the components.
I’ve also,try the calla lili components and its also,giving me 0 values. I connected a txt panel to see the results from the sky matrix and in deed I get all the values as 0. But the SkyDome does gives a right representation of the radiation.

very strange.

to my understanding the radiation rose should give a representation of the radiation from the sun, regardless of the,context. Right?

The radiation rose gives numeric values about the solar radiation per m2. These are referred to a surface tilted on the xy plane of the ‘tilt angle’ (0=xy, 90=vertical) and oriented to the angle the scheme returns (you can decide the number with ‘_numOfArrows’). The point you insert represent where this surface is set, and the ‘context’ brep the buildings you might have around yours.

To sum up, this component do not compute the total radiation on your building but just the radiation on the sample surface I described up. To do the radiation analysis you need the ‘Ladybug_radiation analysis’ component that will make a ray trace calculation for you building.

I hope I have been understandable

Hi Claudio, 2 questions:

  1. What is the climate file that you are using for the analysis?

  2. What is the analysisPeriod? Is it night time?

The climate is Montreal from the energy plus version 8. The analysis period is the whole year from 8 to 17 hrs.

I’ve also try it for only one summer month. And the same period of time from 8to 17

here it goes the wheatear files

CAN_PQ_Montreal.Mirabel.716278_CWEC.epw (1.51 MB)
CAN_PQ_Montreal.Mirabel.716278_CWEC.ddy (741 Bytes)
CAN_PQ_Montreal.Mirabel.716278_CWEC.stat (34.2 KB)

Hi Claudio. I was just able to get your file to run correctly by moving your context to the side by 1 meter. See the attached files. Let me know if these files work on your computer

Also, for future reference to avoid having to send the weather files, you can use the “Open EPW and STAT files” component that I wrote to have your GH definition automatically download, unzip and open weather files directly from the DOE database. See how I did it in the attached files.

radrosetest_CWM.3dm (208 KB)
radrosetest_CWM.gh (93.4 KB)

Claudio, It is also fine on my system. I wonder if the sky hasn’t been fully generated on your system. You can also try the attached file. I set useOldRes to False so it will regenerate the sky:

Chris, I think we haven’t released “Open EPW and STAT files” in the current version, so Claudio probably doesn’t have it. :slight_smile:


radiationRose.gh (62.3 KB)

Thank you Claudio that is clear enough


Thank you for your help your file actually does work perfectly on my computer. I do not know why the sky matrix calculation did not work the first time I run it. Now it works juts fine. I did a restart of my computer and erase the old files from my C drive.

thanks a lot