Radial Test Points

I’m trying to test the illuminance on a sort of fan shape and I would like to know how I can set a better distribution of the points, because as you can see from the screenshot i have a lot of points on the edges.

Is there some way to resolve this?

Hi Andrea, You can use other GH native components to generate the test points for cases like this. For instance you can create the points for an untrimmed surface and pick the ones inside the boundary by running an inclusion test, or use remove duplicate points component to remove extra points.

thanks for your answer. Can you please show me the proces, could you attach an example…I don’t have a lot of experience with grasshopper.

tk x yuor help!!


Hi Andrea,

you could try something like this:



How do you define the U and V count? Is it based on the number of points along the x, y axis? I am sorry I am confused on the native grasshopper component.



Hi Willy,

Yes, basically it is based on domain of surface. Take a look at this file to see the difference among grids.

  • Antonello

TestsGrid_ghAndLb.gh (433 KB)