Radiance commands Reference in Honeybee

Just wondering is there is a quick reference as to what Radiance commands are used within each component in HB (other than looking through code).
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If you run a simulation with Honeybee or Honeybee[+], you’d notice that a batch (.bat) file gets written out in the project directory. That will give you all the commands that are being used for a particular simulation. That, in my opinion, is a lot easier to work with than perusing the source code.

The source code for Honeybee (legacy) in particular is fairly unwieldy and you’d have to dig deep in several components to get all the commands that are being written out. One example: https://github.com/ladybug-tools/honeybee-legacy/blob/master/src/Honeybee_Honeybee.py#L2917-L2939

Just based on memory, I’d say that Honeybee does most of it’s Radiance-based operations with the following:
For point in time simulations:
Sky-prep: Gensky, Gendaylit, Gencumulativesky
Scene-prep: Oconv
Scene-calculation: Rtrace, Rpict,
Image-prep: Falsecolor2, Pcond, Pcompos
Image-analysis: Evalglare.
For annual simulations: Daysim (which has it’s own set of binaries that are invoked through the header .hea file).

For Honeybee[+] we are using the following: https://github.com/ladybug-tools/honeybee/tree/master/honeybee/radiance/command (Ofcourse some of those commands like vwrays are used sparingly while others like rcontrib get used more often).



Thank you very much, @sarith! that is indeed easier that digging through the code.