Radiance daylight image pfilt error

I was running a large, complex daylight image and noticed a lot of jagged edges on the post-processed image.
After doing some troubleshooting, I noticed that the *IMG.bat file calls the pfilt command but the file does not get downsampled as I expected. On closer examination, it seems that there is a typo in the code. The command as written in the batch file is, “pfilt -1 -r .6 -x/2 -y/2.” However, I believe it should be, “pfilt -1 -r .6 -x /2 -y /2.” There needs to be a space between the x and the / as well as between the y and the /.

After correcting this by hand and re-running the batch file I got the results I expected with anti-aliasing and downsampling. I couldn’t find where in the code the pfilt command is written so I couldn’t change the source. Does anyone know?

Hi @Burin, Which component/s are you using for post-processing? Is it happening in glare analysis component?

Hi @mostapha -
I may be thinking about “post-processing” different from how you are. In terms of HB components, I’m just using the basic “RunDaylightSimulation.” When I write the RAD file, this generates three batch files in the working directory: (1) *_IMGInit.bat, (2) *_IMG.bat, and (3) *_PCOMP.bat. The *_IMG.bat file calls two commands: first, rpict and then pfilt. It’s this pfilt command that I was referencing.

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Hi @Burin, It is fixed now! Thank you for reporting the issue.

@mostapha - Wow, you guys are fast! Thank you!

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