Radiance download for Mac Studio - for beginner

Hi guys,

I have a Mac Studio with lady bug tools 1-6-0 installed. I have downloaded the radiance OSX.pkg however I believe this may be incompatible with Mac Studio? It downloads, but there is no application? And in attempt to run my daylight simulation it says that there is no radiance program installed.

Does anyone know how I can download this to my Mac Studio? I have also downloaded another version with OSX_arm extension as I believe this is what is required for Mac Studios, however the zip file just seems to have sub folders rather than an installer.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi @courtneyfowkes11111 ,

Welcome to the world of .pkg installers. If double-clicking the .pkg file is not opening the installer application, then right-click it, got to “Open With” and select the Installer application that’s in /Applications/Utilities.

Note that Radiance doesn’t install itself in the /Applications folder like other programs. It goes into the root of your machine by default, as it does on Linux. Form there, Ladybug Tools will be able to find it.