Radiance-online server DOWN?

Anybody else experiencing this too? Do you know if it was planned, and if so, is there a projection as to when it will go up again? Can’t seem to find answers to these questions…

Yes, this is because the electric companies in California have been shutting down the power whole regions in order to avoid the possibility of electrical sparks igniting a wildfire. In the process, it looks like they shut off the power to a number of important web servers that we all use. As I understand it, they are intermittently shutting off the power and so it will hopefully return soon and, once California gets some rain, it should be back to normal until the next hot/dry event.

It’s back up again! At least for now.

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Damn! I just read the news, this is huge! Thanks for the explanation, i guess i was so used to retrieving anything with a push of a button, that was a reality-check… I wish you guys good luck with those wildfires.