'Radiant Floors + DOAS' system error

Hi all,

I am working on creating a whole building energy model to compare different HVAC systems and my proposed system.
I have an issue with 'Radiant Floor + DOAS ’ system in HVAC LISTS of the honeybee.

The error message below appeared, but there was no issue regarding the energy model with other HVAC systems, even 'Radiant Ceiling (Active Chilled Beam) + DOAS.

“1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** GetSurfaceData: Construction 4IN RADIANT SLAB CONSTRUCTION of interzone surface CORRIDOR_0_SRF_3 does not have the same materials in the reverse order as the construction INTERIOR CEILING of adjacent surface CORRIDOR_1_SRF_5”

I’ve tried to create EP constructions with an interior floor including an internal source, without internal source, interior ceiling with reversed material order, and without any optional interior floor and ceiling.

Moreover, I’ve tested with one hydra file below, but it also doesn’t work with only ‘Radiant floors + DOAS’ and creates a similar error message.

I attach the link to download the current grasshopper file, and I am using OpenStudio 2.5.

I would really appreciate if anyone helps me to solve this problem.

Hi @himynameisyoung

I simplified your model just for testing the radiant floor. it works all fine on my machine.


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Thanks Mingbo! I will try this again with another computer. May I ask you if I made any mistake in an energy model? I’ve checked it with the attribute component, and it looks fine.
Anyway, it’s been a while! I am Young, Tucson team of MEBD 2018!

Oh, hi Young, how are you? How is your study at CASE.
No, your file is very clean, and readable.

I think I have recreated your issue, after solving the adjacency, the ExportToOpenStudio component doesn’t understand interior floor and ceiling correctly with radiant panel construction. This might be a bug @chris , I will need to take a closer look of the code, and do some extra tests tonight.

Yes. The same problem has happened again after solving the adjacency.
Please let me know if there is a way to solve this problem.

Yes! I am enjoying the study, and currently living in Brooklyn! I hope to see you soon in person.

Yeah Thanks this was much easier to understand.

I changed the code of “ExportToOpenStudio” a little bit to set the same “Interior Source” construction to adjacent surfaces. To be noted, this only works with the radiant floor construction layers are asymmetric both from inward or outward.
This is only a temporary solution for you to keep your simulation running.



Thank you so much @MingboPeng.
I was manually creating the radiant system in OpenStudio since I have an important presentation tomorrow. You saved me! Appreciate to your support!