Radiation analysis complementing PV analysis on facade itself

Is there a way to present the PV output shown below on the facade itself that compliments the sun shade shown. I basically want to be able to see which sections of the facade are getting the most radiation. When i run a radiation analysis it just shows the whole facade having the same kwh/m2. I need a little more specific than that.


That is Good question​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:, I am curious to know.:thinking:

I think you might need to be more specific about your question as it’s unclear what you are asking for. Are you just asking how to account for context shade in a Ladybug Radiation analysis? There’s an input for context on the radiation component.

Hi chris, no i dont mean shading component. Like a gradient down the whole wall as the wall is around 500m high, so the full length of the facade wont see the same amount of radiation across the face throughout the year. thats what i want to show.