Radiation Analysis outputs

Hello Mostapha,

I was trying to convert kWh to kW in order plug that in to photovoltaic calculator, but then stumbled upon the meaning of the outputs of the Radiation Analysis.

The totalRadiation is in kWh and says:

"The total radiation in kWh falling on the input test _geometry. This is computed through a mass addition of all the kWh/m2 results at each of the test points and then multiplying this by the area of all the the surfaces in the test _geometry."

But when I manually do the described calculation from the radiationResults and radiaionMesh I get completely different results…

Bit confused here… I am probably missing the obvious…

Any advise?



Photovoltaics_02.gh (556 KB)


This conversation seems related:


I might have put a typo in the description of the totalRadiation.