Radiation analysis suddenly not working [solved]

Hi all, I’m an architecture student who’s been using LB and radiation analysis for a while now. I have a gh file that’s worked just fine for other projects, but suddenly my radiation analysis is not working properly. I haven’t made any changes to rhino or grasshopper since this last worked a few days ago so I have no idea why it would suddenly stop working.

It now only shows zero solar radiation on surfaces that most certainly should have radiation, even for files I know worked fine last week.

I’m not seeing any error messages come up. I’ve tried to upload my gh file but as a new user I’m not able to, so I’ve put the gh file up on gdrive here. Can anyone help? Thanks!


You should flip your geometry surface then try again to analyze radiation.

That did it, I can’t believe it was that simple - thank you!

Still don’t know when that surface got flipped from last week, but oh well it works now :+1: